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Used Books

Store Credit & Donations

Are you moving or need to make room on your bookshelves?  We would be happy to help.  We accept donations and also offer store credit for your used books, audiobooks and DVDs.  Please see our Trade Policy below for more details.

Books can be brought in during our regular business hours.  For more than a few boxes, please give us a call, so we can make space in advance!

Trade Policy

We Offer Credit For:

  • Paperback Books:   Credit will be issued for 20% of the retail value, not to exceed $2.00 per book.

  • Hardcovers:  $.50 per book.

  • DVDs and Audiobooks:  $.50 per disk.  

You may use your store credit for up to 40% of your total purchase of used books.   The remaining 60% must be cash, check or charge.

Credit may not be used for new books, records, DVDs, music CDs or items marked ND (No Discount).

Any remaining store credit may be used on future purchases, and does not expire.  Credit is transferable.

Multiple boxes of books brought in for credit will require additional time to process; credit may not be issued immediately.

No Credit will be given for the following, although we will happily accept these books as a donation:

  • Former library books

  • Hardcovers with no jackets, if issued with a jacket.

  • Romance Series issued monthly, over two years old

  • Textbooks, encyclopedias, Reader's Digest Condensed books.

  • Computer and Reference Books, older than five years.

  • Children's Book Club sets

  • Books with a hole punched in the UPC code

  • Books in poor and/or damaged condition.  (ie. water damage, smoke smell, annotated/highlighted, etc.)

  • VHS tapes, audiobooks on tape, music cassettes and music CDs.

We reserve the right to refuse any books that are not in clean, sellable condition.  We will not accept books in the following conditions: water-damaged, smelling of smoke, moldy, or containing bugs, pet hair, dirt or dust.  Books we do not accept will be returned to you; they cannot be left with us.

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