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Cheap Kiss Records

In 1972, The Doobie Brothers sang "Listen to the Music" and in 2012 we echoed their sentiment by teaming up with Cheap Kiss Records to offer vinyl records in our store.   


For many, vinyl is still the preferred way to listen to music.  If you agree, stop in to check out our selection of over 2,000 LPs, with more added frequently.  If you're looking for something specific, go to, where you can peruse over 20,000 additional titles.  Orders placed online can be shipped directly to you, or picked up at the Cheap Kiss warehouse in Schaumburg.  

If you have a collection that you no longer listen to, feel free to email us at info@CheapKissRecords to see if we are interested in purchasing it.  Rock, Soul/R&B, Metal, Punk, Jazz are welcome.  Easy Listening, not so much.

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